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Shipping and Tracking

We've talked to a lot of our customers and realized that the most frustrating parts of ordering online are

1. Knowing whether the website they are dealing with is a legitimate and honest site, and

2. Making sure they can track their products.

For the first part, do note that you can contact us anytime through our toll free number (1-866-620-6266 extension 2). We're a real company with real people that can be accessed by phone. We do our best to make sure we address any issues you have and to make things right. 

For tracking products, we’ve been in your shoes also. We buy products from all over the world and realized nobody really explains how tracking works. So we asked a few customers, showed them this page and got some great feedback on everything we can do to help avoid this frustrating part. If this page doesn't answer your own specific question, please call us or email us on the 'contact us' page! 

Q: I didn’t get a tracking number from you and it’s been days / weeks. What’s going on?

A: Every product we ship out has a tracking #. Sometimes, we manually add a tracking number to your account. Other times, the artisan companies that produce our custom products send out the tracking numbers. If you didn’t get a tracking number within 7 days, PLEASE email us right away. We’ll hunt it down and make things right. 

NOTE: For shoes, tracking # should show up within 10-15 days, due to custom nature of work, time to print, process, manufacture and go through a second inspection prior to shipping. 

Q: I got a tracking # but nothing is showing up. It either says ‘no shipping record!’ or ‘‘invalid China Post has not received any parcel associated with !’ What is going on?

A: If a product is shipped internationally (from USA to the rest of the world, or from the rest of the world to USA), a product is given a tracking # before it is shipped out. Life would be wonderful if all countries and companies followed the same process! Unfortunately they don’t.

Let’s walk you through how tracking works, using shipment from China to USA as an example:

Tracking numbers will usually not show up in the tracking system until it’s gone to the post office or passed customs. This process can take anywhere from 5 to 15days! For shoes, it's closer to 10 to 15 days. 

Here’s what your tracking will look like (using EMS China Post as an example):

STEP 1: Go to

Once you enter your tracking #, click on 'track'. Please see an example below of what this will look like for you:


Your tracking results will look like the above image during the first 5 to 15 days after placing an order. (10-15 days for custom designed shoes, and 5 to10 days for everything else)

NOTE: If this shows up after 15 days, contact us immediately. We will help hunt down the product to make sure it’s actually being shipped.

Once the product has been accepted at the post office, you will get something similar to the following (this is where you will see some activity for the tracking #, so please be patient!)


 The package shipment process moves fairly quickly after this. This next image shows you what this may look like:



After this, the package will be in transit until it reaches your country. In this case, we use the USA as an example. Here is what it will look like when it's processed through the USPS all the way to delivery to your door in the United States:




We hope that this provides a more detailed instructional guide to tracking shipments that are shipped internationally. So relax, wait for your shipment, and if there are ANY issues, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!

Our failure rate for delivery is less than 1%. That's why if you can't get valid tracking after 15 days, contact us immediately. We’ll help make it right.

Q: I live in the USA. Can I track through USPS?

Yes you can! However, every country’s own postal service will not have tracking show up until it actually lands in that country. So for USPS, you wont’ see any tracking updates until the product lands at the USPS facilities. Here’s an example of what the shipment will look in USPS when it’s still not in the USA:

Here’s what it will look when it’s delivered:


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